Nomonyx dominicus

Nomonyx dominicus is a 3 OSC wavetablelike virtual analog synthesizer.


Nomonyx dominicus comes with three oscillators that allow to create a wave that can be everything between a saw and a triangle and can be mixed with a Square with flexible pulsewidth. For both, the Pulse and the Saw/Triangle. The width of both waves can be modulated by an LFO, which can run at a freely selectable frequency, or synced to the tempo or synced to the key which is played.

The synth can be played mono or poly (up to 16 voices). You can add Detune and Glide to it. The glidetime can be set free or synced to the temp. The glidemode can be freerunning or legato and can be used in polymode as well. Detune and glide can be set individually for every oscillator. 


Nomonyx dominicus comes with a Lowpass and a Highpass. For Lowpass you can morph between a clean 12db filter and a warm 24db Ladderfilder. The filter can be modulated by an envelope and the pitch of the oscillator. 

The Highpass can be used as an individual Filter or combined with the Lowpass.


Nomonyx dominicus comes with 8 envelopes, one for Filter and another one for the Amp, as well as one envelope for volume and pitch of every oscillator.

Both envelopes can run in diffrent modes:

– free

– synced

– looped

All envelopes except Amp can have a positive or a negative amount.

Diffrent Thems